Shark Week Producer and SES Alum comes home to give back!

Discovery Channel's Jeff Kurr brings inspiration and excitement to hundreds of SES students.

Jeff Kurr, Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” Producer and Director, is also a Sonora Elementary Alum from the Class of 1975. Our students are always filled with excitement when he comes home to “talk sharks” and share his stories with them.

On October 26, 2023, students from 2nd grade through 8th were captivated by the adventures of making shark documentaries. Jeff and his wife/photographer Donna are a wealth of knowledge and provided a fantastic, interactive experience for the kids. Just having him in the room and knowing what he has done in the world is a priceless inspiration to us all.

Thanks to our teacher, Alia Katz, for reaching out to Jeff and encouraging him to keep coming back home.

This year, the event was previewed by CBS Good Day and we were live on Facebook for the event.

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