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The Sonora School District Board of Trustees holds regular meetings every Second Wednesday.

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Leadership in Action: Sonora Elementary School District Board of Trustees

Meet our Board Trustees

Cody Ritts

Board President
Current Term: 2022-2024

I was born and raised in Sonora and graduated from Sonora High School. My wife and I currently have two children attending Sonora Elementary, and we are both closely involved with the school. I have an M.S. in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance and have been working in IT since 2000. In my role as a Board member, I have a strong interest in fiscal responsibility, as well as providing our students with the strongest possible education.

Reed Schoedl

Board Clerk
Current Term: 2022-2026

I was born in southern California to a parent and grandparents who attended Sonora Elementary. While I am the skipped generation, my kids are the returning 3rd generation Bobcats. I was a founding class member at UC Merced and studied biology, ecology, and writing. I am a stay-at-home father and husband, and I joined the Board as a devoted parent to serve the next generation, focusing on a safe campus and quality education.

Kathy Francis

Board Member
Current Term: 2022-2026

This is my 9th term on the board, which makes 35 years as of this past January. Because I was a teacher in a neighboring district (Columbia) and care deeply about the teachers, the children, and their families, I have stayed on the board to offer my perspective from a teacher’s viewpoint.

My husband, Roger, and his dad, Ralph, attended Sonora Elementary. Ralph’s dad, Joseph Francis, was a trustee. Our children Kerri, Katie, and Ryan were fourth-generation Bobcats.

I am currently active in Omega Nu, Alpha Iota chapter. It is a local group that raises money to help women and children in need in Tuolumne County.

Joyce Lupo

Board Member
Current Term: 2020-2024

I have been a School Board Trustee since 2003, serving my fifth and final term. I have been a resident of Tuolumne County since 1974, and I attended and graduated from Sonora High School. Our two daughters attended and graduated from Sonora Elementary School and Sonora High School and continued on to higher education. I believe in the value of public education for all students. Every child deserves an education, and I enjoy participating in helping that happen.

Steve Roos

Board Member
Current Term: 2022-2026

I am a husband, father, former educator, and current board member. I have lived in Sonora for twenty years and am thankful to be able to raise a family here with my wife, Amanda. We have a son and a daughter who currently attend Sonora Elementary and have been Bobcats since Kindergarten. I currently work in the mental health field and possess Master’s Degrees in Education and Psychology. I joined the board to focus on student achievement and core academic instruction from a parent’s perspective.