Setting Our Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan for Success

Shaping the Future of Education at Sonora Elementary

In May 2023, we embarked on a transformative journey to redefine our Vision Statement, Mission Statement and establish a strategic plan to guide our academic and financial priorities moving forward. Over three days, we engaged in a collaborative workshop involving community members, our administration team, and staff to shape the future of our school district.

A Strategic Plan serves as a living document, setting clear and measurable goals that form the foundation of our operations. On Day One, we welcomed diverse perspectives to contribute to developing our new Vision and Mission Statements. Day Two focused on delving into the details, prioritizing critical areas of responsibility, and formulating tangible goals for each facet of our school. Finally, on Day Three, the Board reviewed, revised, refined, and approved the comprehensive plan.

Now firmly in place, our Strategic Plan provides a framework that informs all our future planning endeavors. From the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) to budget allocation, staffing decisions, curriculum development, and more, the Strategic Plan is our compass. Even as the Board membership or school leadership may evolve, this plan will remain a steadfast guidepost. While adjustments may be made over time, the Strategic Plan ensures a consistent and robust structure throughout any changes.

VISION: Educating and inspiring every student to achieve personal excellence.

MISSION: In a positive and safe environment, alongside families and community, honoring tradition, and fostering innovation, Sonora Elementary School District will:

  • Promote successful, well-rounded students
  • Cultivate perseverance and academic preparedness
  • Attract, support, and retain dynamic teachers and staff
  • Create accountable, respectful, and engaged members of society

Together, we will forge a path toward educational excellence, honoring tradition while fostering innovation. Our Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan provide the foundation for a brighter future where every student thrives and achieves personal greatness.

To access the complete plan and gather further details, please refer to our Strategic Plan webpage.

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