Enhancements Coming to Sonora Elementary: Open-Air Facility and New Playground

Exciting updates at Sonora Elementary! Discover our new open-air facility and upcoming playground projects.

Open Air Facility Almost Complete: Embracing Nature and Versatility

Construction is currently underway for an impressive shade structure located between the F Building and the athletic field. This new addition will offer an array of exciting possibilities, including “open-air” classes, rainy day and hot weather lunches, and various other uses. Anticipated to be completed by the end of September 2023, this project goes beyond providing shade; its roof will seamlessly match our existing classroom buildings, supported by sturdy steel structures anchored to a spacious concrete pad measuring approximately 30×60. Ensuring safety and compliance, the plans include a thoughtfully constructed retaining wall and a wheelchair-accessible ramp. Nestled under the shelter of several majestic oak trees, the facility will offer a breathtaking view of the athletic fields and playgrounds below, with easy access to classrooms in the E and F buildings. Equipped with ample large tables and benches, this versatile space will also serve as an invigorating outdoor option for classes. Despite a slow start due to inclement winter weather, we are now making substantial progress, eagerly anticipating the completion of this exceptional addition.

Update August 24, 2023

The support posts are in and the crew is preparing to pour the concrete slab.

Update September 1, 2023

The concrete is complete. The next step is the roof and we expect that in a week or so.

New Playground is on the Way! Unleashing Imagination and Adventure

We are thrilled to announce the finalization of plans for a state-of-the-art playground located behind the A Building, specially designed for our primary students. This eagerly anticipated addition would feature a captivating and custom-designed play structure set within a spacious bark area, providing abundant shade. The new playground promises to ignite the imagination and bring joy to our youngest learners during recess and lunchtime. We are excited to enhance their recreational experiences and provide them with a vibrant and engaging environment to explore and create lasting memories.

Update August 24, 2023

Our new Upper Primary Playground is taking shape!

Update September 1, 2023

We’re almost there! We’re just waiting for tanbark and a little cleanup.

Update September 8, 2023

The playground is open and it has its own Grand Opening post.

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