History comes alive at our Wax Museum

5th Grade Bobcats introduce us to historical characters

5th graders at Sonora Elementary School were asked to choose a historical figure, research their lives and accomplishments, and then show up in character to share what they had learned. Parents, teachers and other students flocked to the gym to see the costumes and artwork that brought so many historical figures to life.

Each 5th grader was prepared with a concise speech to deliver to visitors who asked. To develop their expertise, the students started by reading one detailed biography on the figure they chose, and then spent weeks doing additional research and rehearsing their presentations.

In the process, they learned about research, note-taking, public speaking, props, backdrops, and obviously, history while also developing confidence and creativity.

From presidents and explorers to ground breakers and scientists, they were all beaming with pride as people came by to admire their work.

Great job 5th grade!

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