Grand Opening!

Our new Upper Primary Playground is open and crawling with excited young learners.

New adventures have just been unleashed for 1st and 2nd Grades on our brand new Upper Primary Playground.

This state-of-the-art playground structure, located behind the A Building, is a vibrant, engaging experience, custom designed for our primary students. They jumped right in playing follow-the-leader, sharing the double slides, working together on the group spin structure, and discovering the variety of individual brain captivation exercises. The whole structure sits on a deep bed of tanbark for the ultimate in safety, and is complete with an accessibility ramp.

Superintendent Griffiths worked with Class of 2013 former Bobcat, Megan Popovich, who designed the structure and guided the project.

We still have plans to add benches or tables around the edge, with umbrellas to add more shade, and a new assortment of blacktop games.

This new playground promises to ignite the imagination and bring joy to our youngest learners. We are excited to enhance their recreational experiences and provide them with a vibrant and engaging environment to explore and create lasting memories.

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