Bobcats find exciting new inspiration at Dinner with a Scientist event

Connecting students to science

Dinner with a Scientist is a hands-on, eye-opening event where students in 5th – 8th grade learn innovative problem-solving perspectives from local STEM professionals in fields ranging from health and safety, infrastructure development, and environmental impact.
Accompanied by engaged members of staff, Bobcats were among almost 200 students from across the region listening to presentations, doing exercises, and making connections between their own lives and possible careers or interests that may await them.
The evening ended with an introduction to Biomimicry, an approach to problem-solving that incorporates the wisdom and designs found in nature for creative, harmonious, and sustainable solutions to our real world, human challenges.

A big thanks to Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools for hosting this event. Our students and our community are better for the experience.

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